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The creation of Point S

The Point S brand was created in the early 1970s in France. Based on the observation and a study conducted in four countries that the general public knew nothing about “tire professionals,” a handful of independent specialist dealers decided to work together to promote their trade and expertise in the tyre industry. The creation of Point S, especially at this time, was the result of an extremely original initiative. In fact it had a consumer-focused approach whereas most emerging alliances only strove to centralise purchasing. In accordance with the founders’ philosophy, INDEPENDENCE from the Industry is the cornerstone of the Point S network.


Key dates in the Point S network creation:

  • As of 1969, some specialist dealers felt there was a real need to create a brand image for tire professionals.
  • In early 1970, they set up an advertising committee.
  • After one year’s work and a study showing that consumers didn’t really know their trade, the committee decided to create a network sharing the same trade name and identity in order to make its advertising easier.
  • After this strategic decision, the network was created. On October 16, 1971 the first members’ meeting took place. The network was comprised of 114 members. The network chose “Point S” as a name, brand, and trademark.

The Point S brand and logo

Originally “Point S” stood for “Point Security” or “Point Service”. As for the logo which represents two wheels and the letter S, it may evoke either a bend or an antique car wing with its front wheel and spare wheel.

In 2004, Point S decided to modernise its corporate visual identity by adopting a new graphic charter and a new logo.


First steps towards internationalisation:

Point S can pride itself on being the first independent network to have had an international vision. A member located near the German border was the first to start networking outside of France: his connection with a German dealer was the starting point for the brand’s internationalisation.

In 1989, one of the first EEIGs (European Economic Interest Grouping), the European Tyre Committee (ETC) was set up. After this first cooperation with an independent dealers’ network, the Italians joined the European movement. The whole network consisted of 630 companies and was based on the partnership principle to preserve its members’ independence.

The network accelerated its international expansion in 2006 after Point S Development was created.

Today, Point S is present in 50 countries and consists of 2900 companies with over 5900 points of sale.


  • POSITIONINGTire and Car Maintenance Expert
  • BRAND MISSIONPoint S is always on the consumers’ side. As a forty-five year old independent tire dealer network, it’s an expert that knows its clients well and can advise them on the most adequate solution depending upon their driving style and vehicle.
  • COMMITMENTSelling products and services with the best value for money: the right solution for the right driver.
  • IMAGEExpertise, transparency, reliability, proximity, and notoriety.
  • TAGLINE“No stress with Point S”


Point S offers an attractive and modern retail concept, which can be adapted to any point of sale and business area (downtowns, hypermarkets or malls, car parks, industrial zones, etc.). Our point of sale concept is the key to our corporate identity. To get consistent recognition from our customers, suppliers, and key accounts, all the outlets adhere to basic branding criteria specified in the Point S international graphic charter and identity concept. Even though they share the same corporate visual identity, Point S members can choose to keep their own corporate name next to the Point S brand name. This allows Point S network members to preserve their long-standing local notoriety while gaining a nationwide or even worldwide notoriety with the Point S trade brand.


The Point S concept in this sense reflects the Point S network philosophy: independent together.


Tires and Related Services

Our offer, consistent with our positioning as a tire specialist, covers all tire ranges from passenger car to industrial tires, as well as truck and agricultural tires.

Our expertise and know-how are not restricted to products but also apply to all tire services such as wheel balancing, alignment, repair, pressure control, etc. We also use state-of-the-art equipment adapted to the latest vehicle technical evolutions and provide our staff with regular training.

Car Maintenance and Auto Parts

Thanks to the traffic generated by our tire sales (which is the primary reason people come to our workshops), we have extended our offer with additional services in car maintenance such as brake disc and brake pad change, oil change, as well as filter and exhaust pipe replacement.

Private Label Strategy

Point S has developed its own private label with a complete range of summer (approx. 80 items including Vans and SUV), winter tires (approx. 50 items including Vans and SUV), and all-season tires (approx. 30 items) namely: Point S Summer, Winterstar and Point S 4 seasons. In cooperation with a major European manufacturer, these are exclusively designed and produced for Point S in Europe for exceptional value benefitting from Point S’s brand image.

In accordance with our international strategy of diversifying into automotive maintenance, Point S Development has implemented a streamlined international car parts supply policy and has developed its own-label product range in cooperation with leading international parts manufacturers.


What do our partners worldwide think about Point S?