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Point S launches a new Winterstar tire!

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Point S announced today the launch of a new generation of Winterstar tires.

As with the previous profiles, this new Point S winter tire is designed by one of the major global manufacturers and is made in Europe.

The range has been expanded into 5 additional sizes to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.*

The performance of the Winterstar tire has been improved with the addition of an asymmetrical tread pattern for better road grip on dry, wet or snow-covered surfaces. The compound of the new tire has also changed: it is now made with a silica rubber which improves their performance during acceleration and braking.

These new achievements reflect the will of Point S to offer a private label able to compete with international brands.

Already in 1995, Point S launched its first private label tire with a objective of giving their members exclusive and best value tires together with an opportunity to create brand loyalty among our end-customers.

The Point S product range is available today in all of the European markets as well as in South Africa. The development of a second range of all-season Point S tires specially designed to meet the demands of the North American market and its specificities is currently under way.