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New EU Tyre Label, what does it change?

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From May 1st 2021 : Evolution of the EU Tyre Label on C1, C2, C3 tyres (concerning all the tyres in the European Union countries – and in certain other countries depending on their own regulations).

In order to discover and learn more about this new label, you can watch the video here. (This video has been directed by Continental and is dedicated to the tyre dealers, not the end-consumers. Please feel free to share it with your members only).

As you can observe in the new EU labels, the sound criteria will be notified with a letter from A to C.

Moreover, two criterias will be added : a picto 3PMSF (three-peak mountain snowflake) and a picto M+S (Mud and Snow)

Finally, you can see a QR code (on the right corner of the top): this QR Code will be directly linked to a page managed by the European Union, providing information related to the tyre, to the manufacturer, with all the data that you could need if you had any questions or complaints from end-consumers.


Point S Development wish you a good discovery of this new label that will for sure simplify the way you will now commercialise your tyres !