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Creation of an International procurement alliance

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Mobivia Group and Point S announce an International procurement alliance.

  • Both Groups are going to merge their purchases to consolidate their position in the automotive market which is dominated by global producers.
  • This alliance will be focused on an optimization of each Group purchasing terms at International level, while maintaining the full independency of their respective networks sales and development policies.


In a tight automotive market context, the European family Group Mobivia, a major player in multimarks car maintenance and Point S, the largest worldwide banner and network of independent tire dealers, a major player in the tire replacement market, have decided to conclude an alliance in procurement.

This strategic alliance will cover the listing and sourcing of the products ranges purchased by both Groups, tires and car parts, for the markets they are covering. Each Group will remain autonomous and independent for the definition and management of its networks policies and developments.

The alliance will be borne by the creation of a dedicated new legal entity with an International scope, which will be effective soon for future negotiation.

Its objective is to preserve the independency of both Groups as well as to reinforce their procurement capacity in an automotive market which is under a consolidation process. Indeed the automotive aftermarket is being more and more concentrated on a few International players owned mainly by financial groups. These players are developing their own distribution retail and B2C web channels to approach the end users, concentrating so the market at sell-in and sell-out levels.

For Fabien Bouquet, CEO of Point S Development, Point S International headquarters “this alliance is a good news for the market as it shows the capability of independent retail Groups, as Mobivia and Point S are, through an International procurement merge, to maintain a market offer which is independent from the car and automotive manufacturers. Our announcement is also a guarantee for keeping a competition for the end customers although the consolidation process our market is facing”.

Christophe Rollet and Rolf Körbler, both Vice President of Point S Development and respectively Managing Director of Point S France and Point S Germany, comment “This announcement related to our International procurement  will be a reassurance for our members for the mission which had been assigned to our Group for almost 45 years to protect the entrepreneurship independency of its members, this reassurance comes in a market context showing some significant movements in the distribution with a  consolidation trend we are seeing in France and Germany as in most of the matured markets worldwide”.


 Point S

Point S is a major international independent tyre dealer network, created in France in 1971 as a tyre dealer association. The network is currently present in 28 countries worldwide with over 3,300 Points-of-sale.

Our over 1,700 independent entrepreneurs sold over 16 million tyres per year.