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With its worldwide coverage, Point S positions itself as a credible partner for international car or truck fleets which expect global solutions from their suppliers and service providers.

Thanks to its extensive worldwide coverage and recognised expertise in managing agreements with key accounts, Point S Development has established international agreements with major players in the market. The negotiations take place on two levels:

  • International level: Point S Development negotiates framework agreements with their key accounts’ international headquarters paving the way for national negotiations.
  • National level: assisted by PSD and backed by the framework agreement, the national headquarters negotiate cooperation arrangements for the given country with the key accounts’ local subsidiaries.


Point S offers its expertise and experience to companies and leasing fleets for all types of vehicles (including vans and high class vehicles):

  • Multi-brand tyre supply
  • Tyre related services (balancing, alignment, TPMS, repair, etc.)
  • Car services (oil, brakes, suspension, etc.)
  • Complete fleet analysis

Point S affiliated countries have developed an Intranet network connecting all the local members to the national central management. It is, among other things, used for fleet customer management, electronic authorisation, and pre-invoicing processes. At the international level, Point S Development provides consolidated reports that help the global customers’ headquarters optimize their fleet management.

As a result, Point S is able to handle all kinds of customer types (international, regional, local) and meets the standard requirements in international tenders.

Point S strengths for fleet customer management:

  • Competitive multi-brand offer
  • Good coverage
  • Homogeneous corporate activity
  • Excellent reporting capabilities
  • Central invoicing system on national level
  • Good quality of service
  • Entrepreneurship spirit and professionalism
  • Local contacts with international coordination


A truck fleet management scheme to optimize tire costs for our fleet customers with regular on-site fleet visits, comprehensive controlling, and customized reporting.

A global tire service package:

  • Tire pressure control
  • Wheel tightening
  • Tire regrooving
  • Wheel balancing
  • Alignment service
  • Tire change
  • Retreading

Because of the increasing number of international truck fleet customers, Point S has set up a European truck tire breakdown service available year round, 24/7.

This service, essential to target major European fleets, offers:

  • A specially-dedicated call center accessible via a direct phone number with multilingual (15 languages) operators specially trained to handle “technical” calls related to the tire and transport industry
  • A website for the online and real time monitoring of the repair in progress and offering complete reports
  • Competitive and transparent repair prices valid throughout Europe with the invoice for the repairs being directly sent to the members managing the fleet.



Point S also provides solutions in a wide range of agricultural and off-the-road applications throughout the world. Armed with several decades of experience, Point S has developed an array of sophisticated tools to deliver cost-savings and key performance indicators. Our service package includes:

  • Forecasting and Stock Management
  • Tread Monitoring
  • Tire failure analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Reporting



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