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The biggest group of independent tire dealers in France

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Point S France and Siligom, 2 French independent tire dealers networks have joint their force for the creation of a new Group which represents 650 retail outlets, 500 independent entrepreneurs, 4,000 employees and a consolidated turnover of 580 Million Euros.

Both networks are sharing the same corporate values in term of independence and professionalism including a similar business profile, offering tires and maintenance for passenger cars as well as for trucks, agricultural and earthmover vehicles.

The new French Group is offering the best geographic coverage for cars and trucks fleet customers thanks to the complementarity of both networks implementation. This B2B strategy will be supported by a common purchasing policy and an annual sales volume of more than 2 Million tires.

« This rapprochement is going to reinforce the representativeness of independent tire dealers in the French market. We get organized to pursue our development in a market which is facing a faster concentration in the distribution. This agreement is giving rise to a strong, independent Group with 2 retail banners » comments Christophe Rollet, Point S France Managing Director – Point S Development Vice President

« Our announcement is showing again the capability of independents to come together to create new synergies for the benefit of their customers and members, this is the approach we have been promoting worldwide with great success since our network founding 45 years ago » adds Fabien Bouquet, Point S Development CEO.