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CEO’s Message

We’ve been hearing for several years now about the globalisation of the economy. Changes have been felt not only with the concentration in the tire and parts industry but also in the distribution within each continent (if not yet globally), especially in Europe and North America. In this context our ambition to turn Point S into a global brand and network is even more relevant today and is about to come true.

The global expansion of our network, which is growing year on year, is key to our independence,

an essential value shared by all the Point S members worldwide. Our global dimension also supports the development of our private brand ranges that raise customer loyalty and bring our members a high retail margin.
The Point S trademark has been established 5 decades ago. The sustainability of our brand relies on our capacity to anticipate and adapt to market changes while preserving our professional and human values. Rest assured that we will continue to work in this direction to address market changes.



Point S Development, the international headquarters of Point S, was created in 2006 and ensures the international representation of the network. Its multi-cultural team, based in Lyon, France, is in charge of:

  • Developing the Point S international network
  • Negotiating international cooperation agreements with suppliers
  • Negotiating with international key account customers
  • Developing and sourcing Point S private label products
  • Marketing & Communication-creating network management tools and managing process development including an International CRM program
  • Implementing and monitoring common quality standards in terms of retail operations and services
  • Managing market surveys and analyses to identify and anticipate market evolution
  • Developing new IT solutions in B2B & B2C and information systems
  • Coordinating all Point S international policies and facilitating the sharing of best practices between the Point S national headquarters.

To ensure the coordination of its activities on the North American and the Asian continent, Point S Development established Point S North America based in Boston, Massachusetts in 2015 and Point S Representative Office in Singapore in 2017.



Our mission is to preserve the independence of our network and ensure the profitability of our members. In order to achieve these objectives our strategy is based on 3 main pillars:

  • optimized purchases thanks to our international negotiation power,
  • strong sell-out support through marketing campaigns, visibility in media,
  • innovative solutions which meet the challenges of our industry.


In a fast moving world, where changes have been felt not only by concentration in the tire and parts industry but also by distribution within each continent, we firmly believe that independent dealers can only survive by teaming up together.

The success of the Point S business model is, and will remain, the result of our ability to achieve the right balance between our dealers’ independence and the interest of the whole group.
Together we’re stronger!


Despite our corporation’s international dimension, we have always kept a human dimension based on the following common values which have been key to our success:

  • an entrepreneurial and passionate spirit,
  • a common long-lasting experience shared by all Point S national managers,
  • direct contact with our members,
  • a customer-oriented culture with the highest quality standards.


Point S Development has always put strong emphasis on the international development of the network. This strategy is driven by several factors:

  • our implementation in a new market increases the network global potential sales volume which in turn enhances our cooperation with our preferred suppliers.
  • an improved global coverage allows us to best meet the needs of our key accounts-mostly international companies present in several countries or continents.
  • a new member country means additional expertise and experience readily available for the other countries.
  • our worldwide presence also supports the global visibility of our trademark toward our end customers



Point S extends its coverage in Europe (the UK, the Netherlands, Turkey, Norway, Estonia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Slovakia) and starts its expansion overseas with USA, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia and India.


Point S Development opens a Representative Office in Singapore to conduct market research and feasibility studies within the Asian region.


Point S and Mobivia Group announce an International
procurement alliance.

Its objective is to preserve the independence of both groups as well as
to reinforce their procurement capacity in an automotive market which
is undergoing a consolidation process.


Point S Development creates of Point S North America, the North American HQ of Point S located in Boston, Massachusetts.


Point S accelerates its expansion throughout Europe: Denmark, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Finland.


Point S Development, the international headquarters of Point S is created.


Launch of the new Point S corporate identity.


Point S is launched in Luxembourg, Austria, and Belgium.


Point S launches its private label tire range.



Point S begins its international development in Germany and Italy.



The Point S Trademark is created in France as a tire dealer association by independent business entrepreneurs. They share the same objective: to promote their status as tire specialists and professionals in the eyes of the consumer.


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